Many schools and organizations in the NGLC network are considering the full scope of their students' futures--lifelong learning, multiple careers, relationships, and civic engagement--in their definitions of student success. Correspondingly, they're adopting more expansive sets of competencies so that their graduates can succeed and thrive in a world of accelerating change.

For students to have a truly personalized learning experience, the philosophy has to become a part of the non-academic parts of their learning as well. Based on this, our schools have shifted to adopt a restorative justice model. Here's how we did it--and the positive results we're already seeing.

Typical interactions between teachers and students can leave the latter group feeling diminished, disrespected, or 'less than.' Here's one educator and one student's take on how teachers can avoid these damaging experiences, and improve relationships in the process.

With all the interest in innovative school models, many schools are creating "flex time" periods during the day for students to increase student agency. We at Silicon Schools Fund and Relay Graduate School of Education set out to understand what makes flex time periods work best and started with a deep dive on the topic.

Chipeta Elementary is a school on a journey of change. The concept of rigor vs. vigor brings clarity to our purpose and our ensuing actions.

Sustainability beyond a founding or originating leader's tenure requires a system. But how do you know if you are building the right system--one that can produce enduring great results while you are creating it?

In order for agency-driven, personal efficacy-building, next gen forms of learning to advance broadly, the change processes we use to make that happen must reflect those same core tenets. Next gen innodoption strategies incorporate change management processes that reflect the settled science of what motivates people of all ages to do their best work.

Montessori For All focuses on growing the whole child; part of this effort entails helping children understand human development--including puberty, sexual intercourse, responsible choices, and the difference between sex and gender, among other topics.

Guides at Epic Middle School and Pride Leaders at Valor Collegiate Academy are two examples of new adult roles created to promote student learning, success, and well-being.

Graduation represents a major milestone for high school students across the country. Here, educators reflect on its deeper significance for young people in 2018.


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