As we reimagine schools for the next generation, we also have to reimagine what adult learning can and should look like in schools as well.

A practitioner's guide to designing and leading communities of practice for deep connection and powerful learning in K-12 education.

Research links flexible seating in the classroom to improved student behavior, increased engagement and better health. So I dove right in.

We want to feel known. We want to belong--at work or school, in the places we frequent and reside, and in our virtual communities. This is what I'm thinking about as I watch the student-led revolution that birthed the March for our Lives movement.

Performance assessments have the power to improve teaching and learning, and hold promise for helping schools and colleges better develop and assess students' college and career readiness.

Our flagship campus in Austin, TX--Magnolia Montessori For All--has spent the past several months capturing our approach to proactively teaching children how to navigate lines of difference, so that they are prepared to lead a diverse world.

If you had an entire year to plan and reset your organization's culture, how would you reset it? This post explores they key elements of any launch: short term viability, and its eventual long-term viability.

The upcoming launch of the new International Center for Educational Research and Practice offers unique opportunities for real-time collaboration between researchers and practitioners.

NGLC staffer Liza Veto shares the ins and outs of how a making workshop can serve as a powerful in-person team building experience for professionals who work remotely.

What is the big deal about networks? Educators, change agents and learners can create value by taking advantage of these "network effects."


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