We agree on the need for milestones and accountability, but what are the best measures of whether a school is truly helping its students progress to the next grade level, college or career readiness?

When reflection, relevance, and real choice become core design principles for assessment, they can offer powerful on-ramps to move toward student agency and personalized learning.

In just three years, 100% of Vista Unified School District schools are transforming to Personal Learning pathways for all students. These three steps made the change possible.

The work of next generation learning in Colorado Springs School District 11 has some striking similarities to group painting excursions.

One Boston high school developed a system of personalized adult learning when the school used four key culture shift levers.

If "PD" conjures memories of being lectured at about stuff teachers don't care about, "Unprofessional Development" can redefine how teachers spend their time learning together.

Two core elements point to what school can and should be in order to create lasting change in the lives of students.

Taking a practitioner lens to draw reasonable inferences and raise thoughtful questions about personalized learning research.

In the move toward personalized learning, we risk falling into several age-old traps that reduce a complex, challenging undertaking to a smaller, more easily digestible version of itself.

Distinctive Schools understands that a commitment to personalized learning is a collective mindset that translates into structures and practices that evolve over time.


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