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January 25, 2018

A Student's Perspective: Some Truths About Real-World Learning

This week's edition of Friday Focus: Practitioner's Guide to Next Gen Learning was written by Ricky Sierra, a student at Da Vinci Extension sharing her experiences at Da Vinci Schools.

January 22, 2018

Student-Led Conferences: A Key Structure of Student Agency

Student-led conferences are core to realizing our mission of every one of our students as a life-long active participant in their own education with a strong sense of self and community.

December 07, 2017

Why a High-Achieving School is Reinventing Itself

As a high achieving school in Colorado Springs School District 11, Chipeta Elementary has embarked on a school-wide change process. The simple answer is that we can always do better.

November 27, 2017

Real-World Learning at the Workshop School

For this edition of Friday Focus: Practitioner's Guide to Next Gen Learning, we spoke to Matt Riggan, co-founder of the Workshop School in Philadelphia.

November 21, 2017

Talent Cities: A New Public-Private Partnership for Middle School

In previous blog posts, we have provided an overview of the three brushstrokes that guide our work at Vista Unified. In this post, we focus on the third brushstroke, making a Relevant connection to the world of work.

November 07, 2017

6 Ways to Make Collective Feedback Work in Classrooms

In 2014, a few English teachers at Leadership Public Schools (LPS) found themselves facing a common question: how to give more, and better, feedback on writing in their classrooms? And how to do so in a way that built skills, encouraged growth, and honored their students' needs to be college-ready in just a few years? The answers, it turns out, were the students themselves.

October 25, 2017

Why Every Student Should Have a Mentor

Mentorship in middle and high school has the power to impact the course of students' academic and personal life trajectories. One of three foundational pillars of the Summit Learning Program, one-to-one mentorship allows all students a chance to meet with a dedicated teacher or school leader each week as part of their academic and personal development. Students meet with the same mentor year over year, providing them with a sense of continuity and allowing mentors to know students deeply.

August 07, 2017

2 Pillars of Next Generation Schools: Communities of Learning Committed to Broader Outcomes for All

Two core elements point to what school can and should be in order to create lasting change in the lives of students.

July 27, 2017

Personalized Learning is (Again) Promising: A Snapshot of Practice & Student Achievement

A new research report from the RAND Corporation suggests greater implementation of personalized learning may relate to more positive effects on achievement, but it's still early days for personalized learning research.

July 26, 2017

School Transformation in Three Broad Brush Strokes: Early, Personal and Relevant!

Early education is one of Vista Unified's three brushstrokes to transform the learning experience. The district is working with community partners to close the achievement gap by Grade 3.

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