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In this animated explainer video, Larry Ferlazzo, who writes the Education Week Teacher blog Classroom Q&A With Larry Ferlazzo, explains 'transfer of learning' and how it can be used in the classroom.

Students in the veterinary science program at Monument Valley High School, located in Navajo Nation in northeast Arizona, get hands-on instruction that prepares them for college and careers.

What do educators need to know about using Open Educational Resources? Find out in this short explainer video.

Sesame Workshop has introduced Julia, a muppet with autism, to the world of Sesame Street. Watch as a clinical psychologist explains the top three ways teachers can support children like Julia in the classroom.

A new survey by the Brookings Institution asked foreign exchange students to assess the academic rigor of their U.S. schools. What were the results?

The 4,000 year old abacus might be ancient technology, but it can serve as a teaching tool for modern students.

To help prevent students with disabilities from being abused at school, Texas now requires cameras in special education classrooms upon request. But is this the best solution?

Renee Pryor, who supervises teacher evaluations in the Tennessee's Lincoln County school district, discusses how schools can make evaluations more effective and relevant.

Four hundred New York City teachers got free tickets to see the musical "Hamilton," and received training on how to bring the show's lessons into their schools.

Retired principal John Moffatt of Lewistown, Mont., was shot during a 1986 school shooting, and his experience has led him to oppose arming teachers and school staff.



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