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How are school administrators keeping tabs on students' social posts without violating free speech and privacy rights?

Hundreds of schools are shut down yearly for economic or academic reasons, impacting communities and students. Reporter Denisa Superville shares the latest data on where schools are closing and which students are likely to be affected.

How can teachers help students spot fake news? In this video, educators discuss teacher-training efforts around media literacy, and why they're so important.

In the past decade, schools have made great strides in adopting technology in the classroom. However, there is still inequity in the ed tech space.

In today's world, where fabricated news stories are often presented as legitimate, media literacy is more important than ever. In Washington state, media literacy advocates and legislators are working together to create curriculum to create digitally literate citizens.

In the North Alleghenny School District in Pittsburgh, leaders have made staff health a priority. This year, district educators trained and participated in relay teams at a local marathon.



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