Education Week asks students from other countries attending U.S. schools to compare the academic rigor and balance of school activities. How are educational priorities different in this country?

Charter schools are often viewed as a lifeline by African-American parents. The NAACP, however, has called for a moratorium on these independently managed public schools.

President-elect Donald Trump has selected Betsy DeVos to be his education secretary. In these two videos, Education Week's government and politics team delve into her background and record.

Did you know that America's national parks provide millions of hours in free educational programming every year? The National Park Service offers hundreds of lesson plans, virtual resources for schools, and professional development for teachers. Learn more about the country's "largest classroom."

Post-election, schools across the country are reporting incidents of bullying, vandalism, and student anxiety. How has the political climate affected children? How are educators coping with students' heightened emotions? PBS NewsHour speaks to students and experts.

Education Week asked six principals from across the country to show us a typical day in their lives.

In California, nearly 1 in every 4 children don't speak English fluently. On Election Day, the state's voters will decide whether to overturn a longstanding policy of teaching these children in English-only classrooms, or whether to embrace bilingual forms of teaching.

Education Week recently reported on the drastic budget cuts affecting Oklahoma schools. In these exclusive web extras, we delve deeper into the state's situation.

Upset about state budget cuts, a record number of Oklahoma teachers are running for state legislature positions this election season. What do they hope to achieve?

Over the past 5 years as executive director for the arts for Boston's public schools, classically trained mezzo-soprano Myran Parker-Brass has worked to bring top-notch arts instruction to every child in the district.



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