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March 09, 2018

States Debate Whether Schools Should Teach Climate Change (Video)

Disagreements over how, and whether, to teach climate change are playing out in state legislatures across the nation.

February 09, 2018

Student Profiled in 'Schools and the Future of Work' Featured on CBS News

14-year-old Emma Yang spoke to reporters about an app she developed to help Alzheimer's patients recognize their loved ones.

November 30, 2017

A Principal's Perspective: What Is STEAM and Why Should Schools Find Time for It? (Video)

In this video, principal Lisa Benedetti-Ramzi explains why it's necessary for schools to add creativity to STEM learning, and how her school was able to include a STEAM block in the schedule.

November 03, 2017

Making Physics Fun: Step Inside The Physics Bus (Video)

Over the past three years, the Physics Bus has reached over 30,000 students. Watch as educator Claire Hope Fox demonstrates how to build a hovercraft intended to guide lessons about airflow and friction.

July 26, 2017

Afghan Girls' Robotics Team Takes the World Stage (Video)

After having their visas denied twice, an all-girls team from Afghanistan has made it to the U.S. to compete in an international high school robotics competition.

April 07, 2017

Can the Abacus Improve Students' Math Skills? (Video)

The 4,000 year old abacus might be ancient technology, but it can serve as a teaching tool for modern students.

June 24, 2016

Next Gen Science Standards: A New Vision for Science Education (Video)

The Next Generation Science Standards, being implemented in 18 states, emphasize learning science by doing science. How are they redefining instruction in American classrooms?




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