We are wasting Black minds, argues Education Trust-West executive director Ryan Smith, who also points to places who are building success with African-American students.

California's Local Control Accountability Plans are beginning to look too much like Special Ed's Individual Education Plans, writes guest commentator Arun Ramanathan. Compliance is trumping educational substance.

Most of us, or our ancestors, came from somewhere else, and mostly we're thankful we did. We just have a hard time extending that gift to others.

By almost any measure, California ranks low in its support for K-12 education. Several tax proposals would help stabilize financing.

It may be possible to head off the looming charter school war, but peace needs a plan. My five-point scheme starts by understanding that all politics are local.

Charters and rich folk were made for each other. I've got nothing against either. But we need to get real about what kind of education system they would create.

Charter schools and the Los Angeles Unified School District don't have to act as adversaries, but each has to change, according to Robin Lake and Paul Hill.

International policy scholar Tom Luschei looks to Latin America for targeted interventions that work with students in poverty. Colombia's Escuela Nueva could benefit our children, he says.

In many ways California is a northern extension of Latin America, writes Tom Luschei. And it could learn a lot from Cuba.

California's bigger than many countries. International education scholar Tom Luschei begins a series of posts asking what kind of country would it be? Very unequal.


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