High school can be a confusing time, especially today with the increasing options for students due to the rapid expansion of digital learning. Advisory has to be the spine of the next generation high school.

We owe today's youth a chance to explore what they're in for when they inherit the world and a head start on making a difference. Here are 32 goals that attempt to identify the issues that matter most.

What if we created a new competency-based high school diploma framework focused on innovation that represented preparedness for the automation economy? Here's a proposal of what that could look like.

Katherine Prince, Senior Director of Strategic Foresight at Knowledgeworks, shares more on the future of learning and what it means to redefine readiness from the inside out.

A blog response I created sharing a taxonomy of views on personalized learning ranging from content-centric to student-centered resulted in this spirited email dialogue with education leaders about the role of content in developing language proficiency.

The automation economy is changing the employment landscape, making it a good time to reconsider the purpose and goals of public education. How do we prepare students for success in the future?

How do you define and describe personalized learning? As more people use the term, it's important to be clear about what we mean.

While there is high demand for coding skills today, artificial intelligence will increasingly take over routine coding jobs as it grows in sophistication. The longer term and larger employment and impact opportunities for today's students lie in data science

As managing projects and working in teams becomes a priority learning outcome in schools, it's important to understand several important group dynamics that can ensure a team is successful.

You might have noticed a flood of investment into human resource startups lately, as companies attempt to find the best and brightest employees using algorithms. So how does this affect the world of education?


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