For well over a century we've recorded the high school experience as a series of courses and grades, showing activity but not necessarily growth and accomplishment. Here is how the Mastery Transcript Consortium is working to change this approach for the better.

It is easy to think of personalization simply as differentiated instruction, but a full commitment to supporting individual learning journeys has many dimensions such as these 15 we've identified.

We recently visited these two Kansas City area elementary schools combining personalized and project-based learning to help young people develop valuable knowledge, skills and dispositions.

Michael Moe, co-founder of GSV, discusses how artificial intelligence is being used in human resources to "obtain, train and retain talent," and what this means for education.

While everything about a learning environment may provide formative feedback to students, not everything qualifies as formative assessment. Here is what we do know about what formative assessment is and how it works.

Despite some limitations, there are a growing number of leading school networks in the last few years that have moved forward with many new projects. Here are some examples and four lessons they provide about dynamic networks.

High school can be a confusing time, especially today with the increasing options for students due to the rapid expansion of digital learning. Advisory has to be the spine of the next generation high school.

We owe today's youth a chance to explore what they're in for when they inherit the world and a head start on making a difference. Here are 32 goals that attempt to identify the issues that matter most.

What if we created a new competency-based high school diploma framework focused on innovation that represented preparedness for the automation economy? Here's a proposal of what that could look like.

Katherine Prince, Senior Director of Strategic Foresight at Knowledgeworks, shares more on the future of learning and what it means to redefine readiness from the inside out.

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