"We want people to be perplexed--to embrace the paradox of starting new schools," said Larry Rosenstock in the opening to the A+ Urban High School Summit in Denver Wednesday.

How to help more students graduate ready for college and careers? We're exploring the perennial question at the A+ Urban High School Summit in Denver.

Sprawling across a desert valley, Phoenix is the opposite of Boston in many ways--the streets are straight, just about everything was built in the last generation, and there are not a handful of storied institutions of higher learning.

It took 30 years from the first shots of the American revolution to an operating constitution of these United States. Michael Moe, in his keynote at ASU/GSV Education Innovation Summit, noted that it has been 30 years since A Nation at Risk--and a lot has happened since then. It's clear that the revolution in learning is here. As one example, Moe noted the traction of new tools: Dreambox taught 65 million lessons last year; Edmodo serves 18.7 million users; 2U delivered 1,146 courses every week last year; Knewton had 5,000 users last year, 5 million this ...

Money matters. The way districts and states fund schools influences leadership behaviors. We need to create funding systems that encourage innovation, power options, and promote achievement.

Bart Peterson took office as mayor of Indianapolis in 2000 and quickly won the right to authorize charter schools--the first mayor in the country with that authority. That caught my attention in 2001, so I visited the mayor and his talented aides David Harris and Ellen Quigley.

A good LLR would help you learn three things: How do I do my job better today? What do I need to learn for my next job? What do I need to know and be able to do for my 5 year career goal?

We're more than 20 cities into this weekly series examining education in American cities--a few things are becoming clear. I launched the series because everybody is talking about innovation (inside and outside of education) but I don't think we know much about where it happens or how it spreads--or why it doesn't.

A foundation advisor asked, "Is there a smart approach donors might take with blended learning research?" Following are seven areas that could use some attention.

A foundation officer called last week to discuss investing in edtech. After a decade of neglect, it's a growth category reflecting the mobile inflection and the transition to digital learning.


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