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September 05, 2018

Apple Exec on Rewiring Education

Former Apple VP of Education, John Couch on why he's enthusiastic about project-based and challenge-based learning and the future of learning technology, why design is such a critical concept for education. and his new book Rewiring Education.

August 09, 2018

32 Ways AI is Improving Education

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been quietly infiltrating society in every way. Tom shares how AI is being used to improve education.

July 18, 2018

Coming This Fall to Montour School District: America's First Public School AI Program

Beginning in the fall of 2018, Montour School District will offer a new program in AI, providing students with a myriad of opportunities to explore and experience AI, using it to cultivate, nurture, and enhance initiatives aimed at increasing the public good. Learn more here.

March 25, 2018

Attacking Complexity with Confidence

By: Jonathan Rochelle, Katherine Prince and Tom Vander Ark. One thing we know for sure--tomorrow will be more complex than today. We've entered a new era that's driven by artificial intelligence and education must adapt. Our students deserve a new set of learning priorities (not just more added to a crowded set of learning objectives).

March 12, 2018

The Rise of AI: What's Happening, What it Means, How to Prepare?

At SXSW EDU last week we hosted a meetup to discuss the implications of artificial intelligence on education. Thought leaders and forward thinkers discussed what's happening, what it means and how we can prepare.

February 28, 2018

AI4All Extends The Power of Artificial Intelligence to High School Girls

Al4ALL is a new Oakland nonprofit that is introducing artificial intelligence to high school students --and, more specifically -- girls. The goal is to help high school students learn to use AI for good and to increase diversity and inclusion in computer science. In this new podcast episode, Tom talk with Executive Director Tess Posner.

October 25, 2017

America Succeeds Reports on Education Pathways for the Future of Work

Tom share's key highlights and findings from Age of Agility: Education Pathways for the Future of Work, a new report from America Succeeds.

September 05, 2017

Michael Moe on AI in Human Resources in Education

Michael Moe, co-founder of GSV, discusses how artificial intelligence is being used in human resources to "obtain, train and retain talent," and what this means for education.

July 24, 2017

Big Venture Investments in HR Startups & What it Means for Education

You might have noticed a flood of investment into human resource startups lately, as companies attempt to find the best and brightest employees using algorithms. So how does this affect the world of education?

July 12, 2017

PwC Report: AI Boosts Value of Thinking, Creativity and Problem-Solving

The rise of artificial intelligence is driving a new shift in value creation focused on sentiments more intrinsic to the human experience. So what does this mean for our future graduates?

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