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January 28, 2019

Last Words on Innovation

After more than six years and 800 blog posts, I am wrapping up my contributions to Education Week. Before I go, a look at innovation vs. improvement and how we can all support creating a future that works for everyone.

December 13, 2018

What Game Are You Playing: Improvement or Innovation?

Improvement and innovation have different rules, expectations, and risks. The key is knowing which game you're playing, but getting the balance right between fostering innovation and fighting for equity may be the challenge of our time.

November 19, 2018

Design Thinking, City as Classroom, Museum as Home Base

Tom recently visited the Grand Rapids Public Museum School that's rooted in design thinking and place-based education. Here's a look at the school and how they're using their XQ Super School grant to extend their vision for high-quality, community as a classroom learning opportunities for more students.

October 01, 2018

A Tool for Finding Better Ways Forward in Everyday Challenges: Innovators' Compass

What is the Innovators' Compass? It's a powerful tool that helps people move forward in any challenge, big or small--in one usable, shareable picture.

June 19, 2018

What's Up With All the Design-Focused Schools?

Is the focus on design in schools a fad, a trend or something else? In this episode of the podcast, Tom and Emily explore the rise in popularity of design-focused schools.

May 16, 2018

Leading the Charge for Better D.C. Schools

Tom chats with Maura Marino about the work happening in DC around new school development and improvement and how quarterback organizations can support innovative new schools and scale proven models.

October 23, 2017

Workbench Platform Powers Project-Based Learning

Workbench is making it easier to teach with projects and extending equitable access to great PBL tools. Read more about the Baltimore startup and why the city has become a hotspot for EdTech.

February 08, 2017

How Schools Improve

A colleague recently emailed me about the lack of widely used improvement frameworks in schools, so here is a quick outline of responses around approaches to improvement and innovation.

October 17, 2016

On Balancing Improvement and Innovation

Innovations such as personalized and competency-based learning means doing things differently, which can be hard work. Here are 10 tips to help education leaders balance improvement and innovation.

July 20, 2016

Unleashing Greatness: Barber & Klein Release Playbook for Innovation

A new paper from education leaders outlines nine strategies for system level innovations to help spark change in education systems trapped by tradition and paralyzed by layers of policy.

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