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January 28, 2019

Last Words on Innovation

After more than six years and 800 blog posts, I am wrapping up my contributions to Education Week. Before I go, a look at innovation vs. improvement and how we can all support creating a future that works for everyone.

December 05, 2018

Scaling Competency-Based Education: Equity-Focused Strategies for Policy and Practice

An in-depth look at current barriers to competency-based education, the equity imperative behind CBE, and five key points to move the field toward CBE for all.

November 26, 2018

Project-Based Schools Close Silicon Valley Gaps

Tom and Emily recently visited several schools in Silicon Valley. Dive in to see how high-challenge communities are responding with personalized and project-based learning.

November 19, 2018

Design Thinking, City as Classroom, Museum as Home Base

Tom recently visited the Grand Rapids Public Museum School that's rooted in design thinking and place-based education. Here's a look at the school and how they're using their XQ Super School grant to extend their vision for high-quality, community as a classroom learning opportunities for more students.

November 07, 2018

20 Signs of Progress at Singapore American School

A look at the progress seen at Singapore American School when it comes to prepping students for life and college and 20 signs of progress in talent development, care and guidance, and high impact teaching.

October 31, 2018

How Teachers and Leaders Can Promote Personalized Learning

Personalized learning is the future of education. In the latest episode of the podcast, Tom shares five important attributes, five tips on learning environments and how teachers and leaders can help promote personalized learning.

October 24, 2018

Moving to Mastery in Idaho

Schools in Idaho are moving towards competency-based education in order to provide more personalized learning for all students. Read more from Tom's recent visit.

October 15, 2018

Students' Basic Needs Must Be Met Before They Can Learn Deeply

By: Bob Lenz and John Larmer. In order to become empowered and skilled graduates, students must master "deeper learning" competencies. However, getting to that level requires other needs be met first.

October 10, 2018

Teaching Design Thinking to Hack School and Prep for Complexity

Tom chats with Sam Seidel about design thinking and how it can slow down and discover the true root of the problem in education.

October 08, 2018

The Evolution of the Denver Public Schools Portfolio

Denver Public Schools is the district to watch when it comes to portfolios. Tom shares how the DPS portfolio model is the one to watch.

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