Changing Demographics

Changing Demographics We asked writers to respond to the following prompt: This fall will be the first in which white students are no longer the majority population in U.S. public schools. Although this demographic shift had been anticipated for some time, the question remains whether, or how, schools should respond. What, if anything, do you think policymakers and/or educators should keep in mind as they consider the changing make-up of the American classroom?

Read what Matthew Chingos, Darnell Fine, and Ray Salazar have to say.

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Chingos: Making serious progress on the attainment issue will require renewed focus on the needs of all students, especially non-traditional college students.

Ray Salazar: When students can have access to schools closer to a parent's job, a caretaker's home, a safer neighborhood, or a school easily accessible to public transportation, low-income students stand a better chance of stability.

Darnell Fine: When the demographics shift, and the minority becomes majority, students of color will make you no less beautiful.


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