Science Learning: Under the Microscope

Science Learning: Under the Microscope Education Week Commentary recently published a special opinion package exploring the current challenges facing science teaching and learning. To round out this opinion coverage, the editors asked five business, STEM, and education leaders to respond to the following question:

What is missing from the discussion around ensuring all students have access to well-trained and qualified science teachers?

To read the full opinion coverage on this topic, please visit Focusing In on Science Learning.

High-quality academic and classroom preparation are not the only skills well-trained science teachers need to teach all students, writes Christopher Emdin.

Though female students have equal or higher aptitude in STEM fields as male students, educators must spark their interest and confidence for science skills, writes Jill Anderson, the executive vice president of the New York Power Authority.

Developing learners need accuracy and understanding from science teachers to build up their skills, writes Charles S. Dumais.

The use of technology in the classroom can personalize science learning for students, writes Vikas Gupta.

Schools of education should train science teachers how to teach effectively in diverse classrooms, writes Shaun R. Harper.


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