New Ranking Grades State School Voucher Programs

A new report from the Center for Education Reform ranks states based on the quality of their school voucher programs.

Parent Advocacy Group May Sue Los Angeles District Over Parent-Trigger Law

The debate over the Los Angeles Unified School District's contention that a federal waiver exempts it from the parent-trigger law may end up in court.

N.C. District Seeks Volunteer Path for Undocumented Parents

Can Charlotte-Mecklenburg, N.C., schools find a way to allow undocumented immigrant parents to volunteer in their children's schools?

New North Carolina Voucher Program Blocked By Judge

North Carolina Superior Court Judge Robert Hobgood has ruled that the state's school voucher program is unconstitutional

Poll Finds Public Favors Charter Schools Despite Confusion Over How They Work

Over 60 percent of respondents said they favored charter schools even though many of them did not know basic facts about how charters work.

Los Angeles District Says Federal Waiver Puts Parent-Trigger Law on Hold This Year

The author of California parent-trigger law's author criticizes Los Angeles Unified School District for refusing to accept parent petitions mandating changes at poorly performing schools this year.

Number of N.C. Home Schoolers Exceeds State's Private School Enrollment

Mounting common-core criticism in North Carolina is mentioned by some parents as a factor in choosing to home school their children, one advocate says.

New York Posts 'Parents' Bill of Rights' to Safeguard Student Data

Parent advocates in New York push for more specifics regarding the right to review contracts with vendors that have access to sensitive student data, news reports say.

Several Mich. Charter School Authorizers May Lose Power to Open New Schools

11 of Michigan's 40 charter school authorizers face possible suspension for poor oversight.

Federal Pre-K Push Could Also Boost Parents' Education, Advocates Say

Advocates for multigenerational programs believe that funding for parent education efforts also should increase with federal investments to expand preschool options.

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