Washington High Court Rejects Requests to Reconsider Charter School Ruling

Charter schools are unconstitutional in Washington state, and the state's high court says it will not reconsider its September decision.

Supreme Court Justice Questions Constitutional Basis for Parental Education Rights

Justice Antonin Scalia restates his doubts about the court's precedents on a constitutional right of parents to direct the upbringing of their children.

Ohio Governor Signs Charter School Reform Bill Into Law

The Ohio legislature passed HB2 in early October, revamping the way the state regulates charter schools following reports of widespread corruption, financial mismanagement, and poor academic outcomes among some of the state's schools.

Bringing Parents of Underserved Students Into Schools: Ways to Go About It

While most teachers in the nation's schools are middle class and white, experts say diversity and poverty among students are creating a growing mismatch between educators and students and families. To build partnerships with parents from different cultures takes some intentionality and creative outreach.

A Blogger's Parting Thoughts on Parents' Voice and School Improvement

Parents are increasingly making themselves heard on education issues from school reform to testing, while some districts invest in efforts to increase parent involvement.

School Choice Advocates Weigh In on Education Secretary's Resignation

Under Arne Duncan, the Department of Education has helped support and expand charter schools through grant programs including the Investing in Innovation Fund and the Charter Schools Program.

Gov. Inslee Won't Call Special Session to Discuss Charter Schools' Fate

In a letter sent on Friday, Inslee, a Democrat, said he would focus on improving traditional public schools instead of charters, which he said "lack public oversight and accountability."

Voter-Approved Charter School Law Struck Down by Wash. St. Supreme Court

This is the first time in the country that a state Supreme Court has struck down a charter school law, according to a national charter school group.

Home Schooling Advocacy Group Major Force in Shaping Oversight Policies

The Home School Legal Defense Association has been a major force in keeping home schooling regulation at a minimum, according to a story by ProPublica.

Parents and Teachers Should Talk More for Students' Sake, Survey Finds

There's a big communication gap between the two groups when it comes to sharing information about major life events in children's lives, a new survey says.

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