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Quib.ly officially launched today as a new social media platform with the goal of helping parents sort out the ever-changing world of technology available to their children.

Finding ways to connect parents with their children's schools via online technology will be explored in a free Education Week webinar on Thursday, Feb. 28.

One Utah middle school "doubled or tripled" parent involvement when students called parents to invite them to school meetings.

A group of parents will visit Washington, D.C. in early March to try to decriminalize school residency laws.

Two studies and lawmakers in four states and in Congress are shining the limelight on topics such as vouchers, school choice, and the performance of charters.

The National PTA has received a $240,000 grant to prepare state-specific guides to educate parents about testing for the Common Core State Standards.

Two mothers from Indiana started Hoosiers Against Common Core to reverse the state's adoption of the educational standards, a campaign that is making its mark.

The National PTA agreed with much of President Barack Obama's State of the Union address, but wanted to hear ESEA reauthorization mentioned, too.

Parents know whether their children are highly sensitive to high-stakes testing, so should parents be asked to give permission for standardized test-taking?

A California professor's meta-analysis boosts the link between school programs that promote parent involvement and students' greater academic success.

When people hear the term "parent engagement" or "parent involvement," they might have many different interpretations, not all of them positive.

A mother's frustration with school low expectations became a strong motivator, eventually propelling Michele Brooks to become assistant superintendent for family and student engagement in Boston Public Schools.

Engaging parents in helping their children learn can be done virtually, as a website called ReadTennessee demonstrates.


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