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For the second year in a row, Florida lawmakers rejected a measure that would have let parents initiate overhaul of a struggling school through a petition.

Thirty years after "A Nation at Risk" was published, Education Week revisits the groundbreaking report.

Schools are the ultimate "melting pots" in our society. What happens when parents clash?

The Harvard Family Research Project has created a new resource for administrators, teachers, and families on how to share data effectively.

A report released today by Public Agenda identifies three types of parents poised to help education: potential transformers, school helpers, and help seekers.

A look at how much cheating occurs daily among students in classrooms,SELF-REPORTED?--MB and how parents are addressing the issue of cheating.

A Tennessee lawmaker who proposed a "pay cut" to parents on federal public assistance whose children failed to advance to the next grade withdrew his bill yesterday.

While finding much of President Obama's Fiscal 2014 budget favorable to children, the National PTA criticized the lack of funding for family engagement.

Several organizations recently released report cards about how states compare on educational outcomes and parental choice.

Fully 58 percent of decision makers and influencers IN A RECENT SURVEY SAID THEY BELIEVE?--MBbelieve states have done a "poor" or "very poor" job at family and community engagement for school turnarounds.

A Connecticut bill allowing parents to take up to 20 hours of parental leave from their employers to attend their children's school-related activities is under consideration.

Parents at 24th Street Elementary School in Los Angeles will decide on Tuesday, April 9 whether to approve a hybrid charter model improve their struggling school.

Parents and community groups join forces in Providence, R.I., to reduce chronic absenteeism; 32 percent of students missed at least a month of school in 2011.

A parents' group called Texans Advocating for Meaningful Student Assessment is working to reduce the number of mandatory exit tests in Texas from 15 to three.


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