A San Francisco nonprofit, edMatch, asks private companies to match every dollar raised by parents at local schools. Last year, edMatch raised about $6 million.

Mercy College opened the Bronx Parent Center in 2012 to improve student achievement by teaching and training parents to become education advocates and partners in their children's schooling.

From dreadlocks to school name changes, parents passionate about school-related issues are using online petitions to gain support and media attention for their causes.

A new networking group for working Los Angeles mothers held a meeting recently to empower parents to make informed decisions about choosing schools for their children.

A new survey finds almost 50 percent of parents struggle to help their children with their homework.

New Jersey voters cite parent involvement as the most crucial factor in resolving the state's public school problems, according to a survey released this week.

Parents, schools, and staff get guidance around parent-trigger efforts in the Los Angeles Unified School District.

With private education foundations raising big money for local schools, Rob Reich, an associate professor of political science at Stanford, criticizes the phenomenon in a The New York Times opinion piece.

States with charter schools, parent trigger laws, and school vouchers get high marks on the Center for Education Reform's (CER) latest Parent Power Index released today.

Most parents say they attend conferences, get school notes and e-mails, and help with homework. But family income and other factors complicate the parent-engagement picture.


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