Parents who will work on "collective impact" solutions to public educations' problems often need training to understand the system, a Harvard expert says.

Town hall meetings to address bullying will be held around the country in a partnership between the National PTA and Discovery Education.

Two mothers who launched a grassroots movement against the Common Core State Standards in Indiana are getting inquiries from other states.

Even in an era when more parents than ever can access information at home via technology, they find libraries to be important, according to a study by The Pew Research Center.

A Colorado bill to establish a state position to coordinate government-mandated parent engagement requirements makes headway in the legislature.

For the second year in a row, Florida lawmakers rejected a measure that would have let parents initiate overhaul of a struggling school through a petition.

Thirty years after "A Nation at Risk" was published, Education Week revisits the groundbreaking report.

Schools are the ultimate "melting pots" in our society. What happens when parents clash?

The Harvard Family Research Project has created a new resource for administrators, teachers, and families on how to share data effectively.

A report released today by Public Agenda identifies three types of parents poised to help education: potential transformers, school helpers, and help seekers.


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