Most parents and teachers of K-12 students support greater use of technology in education--and 63 percent of parents believe America's public schools are "behind the curve" compared to other parts of our economy in terms of taking full advantage of technology, according to a study released in early September by the Leading Education by Advancing Digital Commission.

National PTA President Betsy Landers says lack of funding for education is the #1 school concern of parents today.

A new interactive online tool from the Center for Education Reform aims to show parents how much influence they have over certain aspects of their children's education in their state.

Students who discuss their studies, school activities and other concerns with their parents feel safer in school, a University of Illinois study of children 10 to 14 finds.

The U.S. Department of Education announces funding for 25 Parent Training and Information Centers and 11 Community Parent Resource Centers for parents of students with disabilities.

Unsure how long their children will be home from school while teachers strike in Chicago, parents weigh their options and consider the impact.

Chicago parents are "confused and frustrated" about the city teachers' strike and want their children back in school, says Phillip Jackson, head of an education advocacy group working with parents.

When parents are taught to analyze and understand data like the test scores at the schools their children attend, the knowledge can become a catalyst for positive change.

The Think Twice think tank review project is taking issue with the approach and conclusions in a widely distributed American Enterprise Institute (AEI) report on "parent power" that was released July 31.

The National PTA favors expanding the authority to approve charter schools beyond the purview of local school boards, according to a revamped policy by the 5-million-member organization on this subject.


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