A group of California parents seeking to overhaul a low-performing school won a legal victory when a judge ruled that they collected enough signatures to revamp the school's operations and convert it to a charter school.

The National PTA is among the groups advising parents how to talk to children about the mass shooting in Aurora, Colo.

Parents in Palm Beach County, Florida can share their thoughts about their schools via YourPBC.org, a "public square" website designed to convey their opinions to educational policymakers.

A study of 40 years of public opinion polls shows that the public wants to retain control of local schools via an elected school board, but looks to federal and state authorities to ensure equitable distribution of funding and shared standards for what children learn in school.

POPVOX.com is a non-partisan website that gives visitors access to a wealth of information about the bills in Congress that interest them.

"Community support" is the best thing going for public education, in the eyes of Patte Barth, director of the National School Boards Association's Center for Public Education.

Parents and family engagement experts contribute to a "recommended reading" list for family and community members interested in improving their local schools.

School Smarts, a parent engagement program of the California PTA that has graduated more than 700 parents in two years, recently won an award from the National PTA for the program's work in the areas of diversity and inclusion.

The president of the National PTA believes that parents should monitor children's online activities to keep children safe.

Parents of 3rd to 12th graders in the San Diego Unified School District will soon be able to download "Parent Connection" on their mobile devices, which will allow them to view the same Channel One News InterActiv broadcasts their children see.


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