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Higher Education — A Little Too Liberal?


Some critics argue that higher education in the United States lacks intellectual, and political, diversity. In this San Francisco Chronicle piece, researcher and professor David Davenport worries that, as classrooms become more politicized, "a liberal arts education has become politically liberal." This politically charged atmosphere, which some claim discriminates against students' rights to free speech, may also be creating friction in education programs for prospective teachers, as Robin Wright reports for the Chronicle of Higher Education (subscription required).


This has been know to be true for years. Descrimination against those who do not hold a liberal viewpoint is rampant on college campuses. Most professors have high enough ethical standards to not lover grades based on it, but some don't.

The more "liberal" the college, the more closed minded they are to any debate unless it fits in with the agenda of the extreme far left radicals. Students become so brainwashed they repel from even considering an opinion other than what has been pounded into their heads. We are considering other avenues of education for my eldest granddaughter before she enters college. We wish her to be well grounded before she is subjected to the far left assault on her brain from “educators” that oppose any view but their own. She needs to approach higher education armed with an assault weapon of her own opinions________________________


"No Republican has ever set foot on this campus. Ever. If they did, they'd probably be pelted to death with hand-rolled cigarette butts," writes one undergrad." Warren Wilson College____________

"Politically, "Hampshire students are ultra-liberal. While many would claim that we are an open-minded community because all kinds of lifestyles and ethnic groups are accepted, just try bringing in a conservative speaker to campus and students will be there quicker than the lifespan of a Hollywood marriage to protest, disrupt, and cause mayhem." Students are proud to report that Hampshire is extremely GLBT-friendly." Hampshire College____________

"It's the kind of place where students tell you that "we are more concerned with the terrorism for which our government is responsible than the terrorism that targets the United States," and mean it." Bard College____________

"A pervasive opinion of Mills students is that if you aren't a leftist-socialist-Nader voter or at least one of leftist leanings, you are often dismissed as someone of no consequence and possibly a "racist, classist, elitist" Mills College

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