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Adults Rate Child Obesity as "Major Problem"

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According to figures in the recently released Wall Street Journal Online/Harris Interactive® Health-Care Poll, 84% of adults now think childhood obesity is a "major problem" in the U.S. Also, 83% of those surveyed thought that public schools should do more to limit student access to unhealthy food and snacks, and a large number also thought that children are becoming obese because adults are neglecting the eating habits of children. Highlights from the poll are posted by Harris Interactive. (Poll highlights require Adobe Acrobat Reader.)

1 Comment

I think one of the contributing factors to childhood obesity is that kids are left to their own devices after school. With two income families more prevalent these days, kids are spending more time playing video games and eating junk food after school, instead of being involved in organized after-school activities or playing sports. Interestingly enough, a new survey by Junior Achievement shows that money and transportation aren't major reasons why kids aren't doing after school programs...


...I think we as adults need to get our kids off the coach and into more organized after-school programs. It's really us who are to blame, not the kids.

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