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Desegregation Now. Segregation Tomorrow?

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Are America's schools being resegregated? In this article from Harvard's Ed.magazine, Hanna Bordas notes that many court decisions nationwide in the 1980s and 1990s resulted in school desegregation orders being removed. While this trend seems to undo much of the progress towards racial integration, some argue that it is a step in the right direction, away from any kind of racial discrimination. Bordas looks back on the history of desegregation in American schools, and offers some insight into the future.

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Almost half a decade has passed since the Federal Government ordered desegregation, yet schools all over the US are still segregated, most due to the segregation of society in large citties. People of a particular culture, etnicity, and even color tend to live together. This is comfortable and generally accepted. The government has the right under civil rights legislation to order that noone may be denied access to a neighjborhood based on their race, ethnicity or religion, but the government cannot force people to live together.
Wealthy people have more choice in where they live because they can afford more choice.
To create a diverse society is difficult when we do not have a egalitarian society. All may be born equal, but they do not live equally well and education is a commodity that is available to all up to a certain level. If some can afford $22,000 pre-schools, there is a definite advantage (though I fail to see what such a pre-school can do that any pre-school cannot) Perhaps they have better lunches and plusher carpeting. The best that we can do as a society is to make basic education equally accessable to all. Once the basic needs are met, let those that can buy the frills

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