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Subtracting Math Curriculum

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Parents struggling to help their children with nightly math homework will be pleased to hear that the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics has released a report recommending that schools limit the mathematical concepts they introduce instead of inundating students with many math concepts that ultimately don’t stick. On this segment on NPR’s Talk of the Nation, Education Week’s math and science reporter Sean Cavanagh holds forth on the intent of the group’s recommendations and why where you go to school may determine what you learn. Francis “Skip” Fennell, president of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, also joins to the program to talk about the group’s recommendations and a few parents chime in too. Read more about the issue in Mr. Cavanagh’s thorough story here. If you’ve got a few more spare minutes, you may also want to do your own reading of the NCTM’s report.

1 Comment

I helped my daughter get thru her Geometry class in 9th grade by working through her homework with here and helping her prep for her tests. She managed to get a "C" in the class but she hated every minute of it! As a biproduct of this experience, I believe she ended the year knowing less about Geometry than when she started and with a general discomfort with mathematics in general. So much for the value of compulsory education!

- Coop

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