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America Lagging in Math and Science?

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This story in the January issue of NEA Today takes a look at America’s place in the globally competitive race to the top when it comes to math and science. The story says that though there is a lot of angst that American students are being quickly outpaced in those subjects by their counterparts in countries like India, it’s worth a closer look at the numbers. In fact, the story says, the situation may not be as dire as it seems. NEA Today also features a story on the way one Kentucky school is helping students grasp math and science concepts in an unusual partnership with the General Electric Foundation. This Education Week story also suggests that people shoudln't believe the hype when it comes to foreign math and science dominance.

For an up close look at our competition in India, you can read Education Week’s compelling series on math and science education in India, starting with this story on the importance Indian families place on sending their children to college, or with this story on how hard some Indian students are willing to work to get their education.

1 Comment

There is little use in comparing student performances in the US to those of students in other countries. This is quite frankly a matter of comparing apples to oranges.
Education is not a game. There is no us vs. them scoreboard. In most cases the comparison is between most US students and the elite of other nations.
This is useless, wasteful and silly.

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