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Advice and an Outlet on Teacher Blogs


When Betty Miller retired from a 24-year teaching career in Texas, she tried to find ways to fill her time. Gardening was a bust and she missed the mix of interaction with students and other educators. Her techie son-in-law suggested blogging (though he first had to explain what it was) and the idea for teacherlingo.com was born. Ms. Miller, who on the Web site calls herself Betty B., and son-in-law Preston Ridley created the blog-hosting site as a sort of MySpace for teachers. The site provides a hosting service for teachers who want to start their own blogs and for educators who want to peruse the offerings. Already up on the site are blogs regarding physical education, teachers-in-training who are still gaining experience, as well as blogs that detail information about their specific classes or schools. “I wish I had been blogging when I taught school,” Ms. Miller said. “Some days when you come home and say I want to talk about what happened at school, my husband had just had enough.”

There are a lot of other teacher-written blogs out there too. For some interesting takes on what goes on in the classroom, check out Teacher in a Strange Land, Learn Me Good, The Life that Chose Me, The Reflective Teacher, Teaching in the 408, and NYC Educator.


Wow! Thanks for listing me (and in such fine company)!

Wow, again! Thanks for the shout out!

Ha! I identify with Ms. Miller. I have days that are so strange that they simply HAVE to be published! It's cathartic to have a place to blow off a little steam. I'm only amazed that people actually like reading it.


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