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Students Exposing Angry Teachers


In this electronic age, nothing is sacred—not even the inside of a classroom. Turns out students across the country have been secretly taping their teachers (and often in a not so flattering light) and posting the videos on YouTube, according to this recent story by the Los Angeles Times. Many of the YouTube teacher videos, most taped surreptitiously by students with hidden cell phones, feature instructors losing their cool as they deal with unruly students. Search for "angry teacher" on the the popular site for sharing videos, and you’ll come up with a list of clips for viewing, including this one from a New Jersey high school (fair warning: this clip contains strong language). Lest you think it’s just crazy American kids doing this, a search of angry teacher clips comes up with a long list of images of unhappy teachers from around the world. On the other end of the spectrum, they're a lot harder to find but a persistent searcher can locate some tributes to teachers, like this one about a math teacher who has inspired students for more than a quarter century.

In response to concern over clandestine taping as well as worries about cheating, some communities are banning cell phones in schools according to this overview in USA Today. However, parents in New York City, no doubt thinking of the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, are worried about getting in touch with their children during emergencies and are fighting back. They’ve sued the school system over a ban on cell phones.


The reason I decided to enter the world of teaching was that I was appalled at the teacher behavior and ethics in the public schools. My son has been continuously harassed throughout his school years. I also see teachers who just sit and give out worksheets while others really do teach. I don't understand why school property thinks that they are beyond the law and teachers can do anything they want without getting in trouble. If they don't like teaching and have to be angry they should find other jobs and not be allowed to teach. Parents need to organize and stop the injustices. Many are dropping out due to teachers' terrorizing behaviors.

I received a pretty good education in the public school system in the late 1950s and 60s. My teachers instilled a love of learning and they were respected members of the community. Behavioral problems were extremely rare and in the main, kids were respectful--even deferential to teachers.

Fast forward forty years...
The nation's schools are said to be failing. Teachers are villified in the press and provide political advantage for politicians who throw out simple solutions to the complex issues. The classroom today bears little semblance to the classroom I remember. Behavioral problems abound and much of a teacher's day is spent dealing with students who are off-task and often rude. Students come to class without pencils, paper, books they've been issued and the basic skills that in earlier generations were acquired through study. Most teachers are in education because they want to make a positive difference in the lives of children. Why should the unruly five percent be excused for their contribution in making a teacher angry. A teacher's purpose is not to be a foil for a taunting adolescent; they are there to educate.

Teaching is my most exhausting career choice, and I am asking myself the question, why do you hate teaching (today was the last day of classes). I hate teaching, because nobody wants to learn. I teach high school...number one reason nobody wants to learn? They are to tired to stay awake. Number two reason nobody wants to learn? They are to stoned to stay awake. Number three reason nobody wants to learn? Nobody believes the reason for going to school is to learn. Also, I am sick and tired of cell phones, and every other electronic devices in the classroom. Students use these devices during class--no matter what they are telling their parents. They also bring laptop computers to class and play movies on them during class...what is the number one question asked by parents? "Did you take it away from him/her? That's your job, isn't it?"

"No, I did not take it away from him/her. And it is not my job to confiscated electronic devices from students. It would be your job as a parent to make sure your son/ daughter is not using these devices during class."

Need I say more? Stupid parents, stupid kids. I am not my students' parent. My relationshipd with my students is professional.

i won't post my name on this blog but i hate my job and apparantley i smell like mustard and viniger go on you tube and tipe in biddick strike and see my horid school who was against purple tights

this need to get them selves to gether because our kids are hateing this teacher

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