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The End Is Near, Maybe

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An influential association of scientists has announced for the first time that global warming is a “growing threat to society” according to this story in The Washington Post. This statement by the American Association for the Advancement of Science was released during a town hall meeting of teachers in California and a host of other teacher-related groups agreed. The California Science Teachers Association, the National Science Teachers Association and the United Educators of San Francisco all supported the AAAS statement.

This earlier Around the Web post shows just how debate over global warming is creeping, or not creeping, into classrooms. For teachers who are torn over how to address the issue, there are a number of sample lessons out there, including these suggestions from PBS and from NOVA , as well this suggested class activity from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

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No "maybe" about it. I was present for this announcement, and the point was made very clearly and firmly that it is almost unprecedented for a formal announcement by scientists to use such a word as "unequivocally." Innate in the scientific method is the assumption that any explanation of a natural phenomenon is "the best so far, pending further investigation." To say unequivocally that global climate change is "a growing threat to society" is a very strong statement: that all evidence supports this conclusion, that no valid contradictory evidence has been found despite a serous search, and that efforts have such failed to find any other interpretation validated by better evidence. NOW can we start taking action to mitigate climate change to the extent possible?

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