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Choking is No Game


For any parent or teacher, this story about a teenager who survived “the choking game” will be a wake-up call to a practice that is gaining popularity among the high school set. Students cut off their air supply in order to get a rush when they bring it back. But some students take it too far and have died from the practice. The New York Times chronicles 16-year-old Levi Draher’s transformation from a choking game victim who was found clinically dead, to a spokesman against the practice. For more information on the choking game and its consequences, check out this Education Week story.


Thank you for taking the time to write about this. Like all of us, esp. as kids we learn and do stupid & foolish things. Kids don't think they will ever die. I know my son didn't think he would. He was 16 years old when he "tried" this "game" and it killed him. Since we have learned how kids are doing this to each other on busses, in schools, at parties - and then alone - which most of the time will kill them. It's something that needs awareness, just like drugs. I hope you bring more awareness to this, and talk about it with your friends, before it touches your life personally. I hate to hear of anyone going through the nightmare we have.


This is such a sick game.I to lost a child 2 this game.She was 14yrs old.My family or me did'nt know the signs of her playing the game.The rash look on her face,the puffy eyes.They need 2 teach the kids this in D.A.R.E class.eventho its not a drug,its still a high. R.I.P. IESHA 2-2-93-11-27-07

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