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Don't Watch That Screen

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While many schools are going high-tech with several computers in a classroom, one substitute teacher is facing jail time because, she says, she isn’t plugged in to computer technology. On a PBS teachers’ blog, host Andy Carvin laments the plight of substitute teacher Julie Amero who is now facing decades in prison because she’s alleged to have allowed middle school students to look at pornography online in class. Ms. Amero says the school’s Internet filters weren’t working the day she was teaching a Connecticut English class, and pornography sites continued to pop up on the computer screen. Ms. Amero says she didn’t know how to get rid of them, but prosecutors say she allowed students to surf explicit sites on class time. Mr. Carvin is a big supporter of Ms. Amero, but for a more objective explanation of the case, read The New York Times’ take. The Norwich Bulletin has the latest on the legal twists and turns of the case.

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A few years ago two of our sixth graders were able to get through the filters and pull up an inappropriate website. It happened during morning tutorials when the teacher was helping some other students. I think the quickest way to get things off the screen is to turn off the computers. In today's world teachers really do need eyes in the backs of their heads!

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