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MTV on Dropping Out


MTV is using the airwaves—naturally—to take a closer look at dropping out. On May 9, MTV:Music Television is premiering a new documentary titled "The Dropout Chronicles" that looks at three young people on the brink of leaving school without a diploma. The show will air on Wednesday at 8:30 p.m. EST/PT on MTV2. It will also be shown at Wednesday's "National Summit on America's Silent Epidemic" in Washington, an event that MTV is co-hosting with Time, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Civic Enterprises, and the National Governors Association to examine the reasons so many young people drop out of high school and ways to stem the tide. According to the National Governors Association, more than 1 million American high school students drop out every year. Want to know how many kids finish high school in your area? The EPE Research Center offers data on graduation rates nationwide.


I am so glad that I read your blog today. Since we are going out for dinner, I will program my DVR. Thanks for the heads up. Maybe kids will actually watch the series since it is on MTV.

I have not seen this show before. It does remind me of a movie that I just rented called "Misunderstood Minds: Searching for Success in School".
I think a lot of students end up dropping out for numerous reasons. One of the explanations for students dropping out is a lack of motivation to finish high school. Many students might have learning problems that are not addressed, a lack of family involvement in their education, or a lack of support when it comes to dealing with personal issues that end up affecting school studies. I think it is great that MTV is examining this issue that is becoming so prominent in our country.

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