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New Rules Expand Choice in England

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New regulations taking effect in England today make it easier for dissatisfied parents and groups to open government-supported schools of their own.

The Guardian reports on new rules under the Education and Inspections Act 2006 that hold local school authorities "directly accountable" for expanding parental choice. As the Guardian puts it: "For the first time, parents would be able to call for changes if they are unhappy with the quality of schools and local authorities would be under a legal duty to respond formally."

The Department for Education and Skills Web site offers a wealth of information and lays out new roles for local school authorities and parents: "Under the new education strategy local authorities will move from being providers of education to a more strategic role as commissioners of educational services...The Government wants to encourage parent groups who want to see improvements in local provision to come forward and set up new schools."

1 Comment

I have to do a project for homework. BEcause i wore my hood in class, I was told to look up what hapens to students in England. What is their punishment? If you could help me with this in any way i would very much appreciate it. Thank you Cathy

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