Twitter has acquired an online training company called Marakana as a base for the launch of "Twitter University." Is this just the start of corporations molding an educational experience to their real world needs?

Everywhere we look these days, people are stressing the same educational path - STEM STEM STEM! Perhaps they are not wrong, but let's take a second to examine the virtues of a liberal arts learning experience.

Though early in its academic life, Amplify is poised to transform the entire K-12 experience. The man leading this transformation is none other than former NYC Ed Chancellor Joel Klein. This is an interview with him.

While technology has all sorts of wonderful applications, there are some places where it simply cannot compete: namely, observation of the natural world. Disney's Animal Kingdom is exploring various ways to connect nature and technology, to maintain the stimulation of technology in a child's hands while leveraging the simplistic joy of nature itself.

Got an idea for an Ed-Tech venture? Give it a go! But first: do your homework, recruit the right partners, and, of course, be ready to do the hustle. Here are some tips.


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