If the SAT is meant to project a student's likelihood of success as a freshman in college, why are the results skewed in favor of males? Guest writer Scott Schonberger explores the gender gap in standardized testing for mathematics and examines the reason girls tend to lag behind despite proving to be equal if not superior math students in a classroom setting.

If we are to properly outfit our classrooms with useful modern technology, we must first address the most critical stepping stone to adoption: infrastructure.

In this addition of Get to Know a CEO, we talk to Ilan Zechory, cofounder of the site rapgenius.com. While originally constructed as a place for annotating rap lyrics, the site has gained incredible traction, even penetrating the education community, and has transformed into a hub for inspiration and passionate debate over texts of all kinds.

New York City's DOE seeks to be a leader in bringing innovation to the classroom. Through it's iZone schools, the DOE recently launched its Gap App Challenge as a way to introduce new technologies to its learning experience and develop concrete working relationships between developers and the schools they aim to help.

We all know about the achievement gap between the rich and the poor, but we don't often acknowledge that schools do a particularly good job of educating kids when they have them. To close the achievement gap, we need the involvement of the community and more organizations like Reading Partners. Let's meet their CEO, Michael Lombardo.


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