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As we complete our opening three days of professional development in Burlington Public Schools today, I was thinking about all of the great resources that staff has shared with one another this week. In addition, I was wondering how we can continue to share resources throughout the school year when we will be off in our own schools, classrooms and offices.

As a product of the system and someone who has worked within it for quite sometime, I have to admit that I have a fondness for the Growth Mindset. I wonder whether we can really make the changes that we need to within our schools without a growth mindset?

How can we make the EXPERIENCE that our (students/parents) have when they walk into our building/register at our school/go to our website, etc) SO POSITIVE that they want to communicate this experience with others?

One of my bigger frustrations is getting form letter emails from companies trying to sell our school district some form of educational technology. As we head into another school year, I thought I would offer a bit of advice to vendors out there who would like to work with our school district.

I have three quick takeaways for school leaders as we head into a new school year and try to support the people within our organization by freeing them up from in-box overload.

The most important part of becoming a digital leader is to take those first steps. Here's how to start. Students will reap benefits from being educated in communities that embrace the power of mobile and social technologies.


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