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July 21, 2014

10 School Reform Phrases That Should Trigger Your BS Detector

Education is filled with jargon, buzzwords, and BS. I've had a lot of fun over the years skewering the inanity that gets bandied about in education research and professional development. Education policy and school reform are rife with their own vapid vocabulary. Here are 10 phrases that, when heard, should cause listeners to ask the speaker to explain what he or she means, using words that actually mean something.

March 03, 2014

C'mon, Man!

You may have noticed that I took last month off from RHSU to work on my new book, The Cage-Busting Teacher--which I'm due to deliver to Harvard Education Press later this year. (Although, given the enthusiasm for our February guest stars, you may have noticed and thought, "Sweet.") In any event, I'm back. And, it seemed to me a shame that Mike Ditka has gone back into hibernation, because February seemed pocked by developments that called for his trademark, "C'mon, man!"

August 09, 2012

An Amusing Interlude...Courtesy of PBS

On Tuesday, my pal Mike Petrilli penned one of those blog posts seemingly designed to woo the taste-makers at the New York Times and NPR. He offered up an enthusiastic defense of federal funding for PBS, arguing: "I used to agree with George Will and other small-government conservatives that Uncle ...

May 31, 2012

The Chronicle of Double Standards

You may recall the kerfuffle a couple of weeks back involving The Chronicle of Higher Education's decision to fire blogger Naomi Schaefer Riley for her criticism of black-studies programs. Many critics insisted it wasn't about her point of view but her harsh language. Indeed, Chronicle editor Liz Mc...

May 09, 2012

The CHE's Craven Blow Against Honest Speech

Last week, the Chronicle of Higher Education blogger Naomi Schaefer Riley posted a tough, skewering (dare we say "mean-spirited") item blasting what she sees as a lack of academic rigor in black studies departments (hardly an earth-shattering observation, given that similar complaints have been made...

April 07, 2011

I'm Off to AERA...

Or, as my uber-competent research assistant Whitney Downs likes to explain, I'm going "to visit with folks in the bars and cafes in the vicinity of AERA." If you want to say "hidy", the odds are pretty fair you can find my floating cocktail table in the courtyard of Pat O'Briens (on Bourbon) in the...

March 25, 2011

Getting Geared Up for AERA

We're a couple weeks out from the annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association in New Orleans. AERA's annual meeting is a huge affair that typically draws close to 20,000 participants and features thousands of papers. The work too often involves hiding pedantic argument behind w...

March 15, 2011

From AERA's Too-Good-to-be-True File

Imagine my glee upon learning about the American Education Research Association's Critical Educators for Social Justice (CESJ) graduate student forum on "Responding to the Moment." Scheduled for April 8, just before the annual AERA conference, the forum is for educators eager to "advocate for and b...

March 10, 2011

Loving Those Pranksters at TCR

After writing more about Wisconsin the past week or two than is probably healthy, I thought it'd be nice to address something a little lighter. Fortunately, the pranksters at the Teachers College Record offer sweet, sweet succor in the form of what seems to be an early April Fool's joke--something a...

March 08, 2011

Seriously, People?

In a free nation, people are going to disagree about ideas, values, policies, and the rest. We honor the legacy of freedom by embracing that diversity of views. For what it's worth, when engaging in public debate, I do my best to steer clear of ad hominem invective, guilt by association, or the ass...

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