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January 02, 2013

Ten Edu-Stories We'll Be Reading in 2013

Here's a guess at some of the key edu-headlines we'll be reading in 2013.

December 26, 2012

Lessons from Newtown, Kudos to AERA

I believe we need to insist that it's unacceptable for anyone, whatever their views, to exploit the murder of children when debating unions, testing, and such.

December 18, 2012


I'd like all of us, before we write, opine, or declaim, to take care that we accord the lost children of Newtown the dignity they deserve.

October 28, 2012

When Reporters Preach the Party Line

For more than a decade, I've regarded my pal Richard Colvin as one of the nation's best education reporters. But even the best of us whiff sometimes. And Richard's most recent monthly column for the Phi Delta Kappan ("Movement even during inaction") is a whiff that also sharply illuminates the bias ...

September 10, 2012

Daily News Twists Evaluation Into Cheap Shot at School of One

Last week, the New York Daily News took a careful and thoughtful evaluation of early outcomes at schools implementing New York City's School of One (an intriguing effort to rethink middle school math instruction) and twisted it into an unfair, misguided, and destructive critique. It was a textbook ...

May 14, 2012

Media Fawning a Little Less When It Comes to Edu-Giving

A number of years ago, in my 2005 book With the Best of Intentions: How Philanthropy is Reshaping K-12 Education, I pointed out that media coverage of education foundations tended to be wide-eyed and sycophantic. At that time, I analyzed the coverage of the five leading edu-foundations by the New Y...

December 27, 2011

Ten Edu-Stories We'll Be Reading in 2012

Here's my best guess at some of the key edu-headlines we'll be reading in 2012. 10] "GOP presidential nominee abandons primary season attacks on Department of Education; talks up education reform in push for moderates." 9] "Aggressive efforts to tackle bullying starting to raise questions and fue...

October 13, 2011

A Handy 2012 Rolodex Supplement for Edu-Reporters

A couple weeks ago, I wrote about the ed press's disconcerting habit of relying almost entirely on professional Democrats or Democratic-leaning academics to provide commentary on Republican education proposals when it comes to the Presidential contest and federal policy. It's obviously appropriate ...

May 31, 2011

What Subjects Does Edu-World Track?

Today's blog is entirely a matter of assuaging edu-geek curiosity. My pal Mike Petrilli and I got into a conversation the other week that only someone trapped in edu-land could love: we started wondering which of the Education Week subject matter blogs drew the most interest. If you don't care, tha...

January 28, 2011

A Postmortem on the "Tiger Mom" Brouhaha--It's All About Her

I was fortunate to have been away during much of the recent "tiger mom" craze. Sadly, the chatter, interviews, and excerpts have lingered, leading me to think a brief postmortem is in order. For all the claims that this is about supporting her kids, it strikes me that "tiger mom" author Amy Ch...

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