The quality of the survey is especially critical in New York, where scores from the survey are one of the only non-academic indicators used in annual school report cards.

Without U.S. Department of Agriculture action this month, food sold in school vending machines and on a la carte lunch lines could remain unregulated until the 2015-16 school year.

Education Week just released Diplomas Count 2013, the newest installment in an annual series focused on graduation.

Schools would be led through a process that would help determine what strategies would work best in their environment to fundamentally change students' bullying behavior.

The bill would specifically protect students who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender from bullying, harassment, intimidation, or violence at school.

The new Democratic bill, though facing political difficulties, would mark a big step forward for collecting data on school climate.

A group of Ohio teenagers has started teaching their peers about safe sex, in the hopes that listening to fellow youths is easier than listening to teachers.

Mr. Lautenberg died early Monday of complications from viral pneumonia. He was 89.

As part of the launch of a national dialogue on mental health, the president noted that violence and mental health problems are not necessarily closely linked.

The generally favorable trends are the opposite for some students, however, depending on the type of behavior and the students' age.

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