This week, we read about helping black boys succeed, grit, what happens to popular kids, and more.

Alabama's law requires that sex education classes emphasize that homosexual conduct "is a criminal offense under the laws of the state."

Gov. Jay Nixon calls mechanism for arming teachers "simply the wrong approach."

Such photos can help promote school food efforts, often executed on a tight budget.

It's part of a greater effort to re-examine school discipline practices.

This week, we learn about how movement affects learning, the lack of accountability for mandatory reporters of child abuse, student engagement, and more.

Many believe that girls of color face the same challenges as their male peers and that it makes little sense to exclude them from the White House initiative.

The new model, supported by the CDC, builds on the traditional coordinated school health approach.

Bipartisan efforts are brewing to increase participation in the USDA summer meals programs.

Groups who spoke out in a recent cyberbullying case favor alternative approaches, such as restorative practices.

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