While food waste remains an issue, it did not increase after the schools in the study implemented new nutrition standards, the researchers found.

The scores are mandated by the Garden State's Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights Act.

School nutrition leaders say kitchen upgrades necessary to meet new standards for healthy student meals.

The policy is part of a larger plan to lower suspension rates in the district.

This week, a Jeopardy! champion talked about his experiences with racial stereotypes, a gay basketball player shared the significance of the number on his jersey, and a columnist wrote about the great challenge of rural poverty.

The 8,700-student district agreed to review and improve its discipline policies following an investigation that revealed higher discipline rates for black students.

Opponents of a new law that applies to transgender students in California schools failed to gain enough valid signatures to qualify a ballot item that would have given voters a chance to overturn the measure.

The experience of Jonathan Martin, the Miami Dolphins lineman who quit after being repeatedly harassed by teammates, is a cautionary tale about the lasting effect of adolescent bullying.

First lady Michelle Obama, in a White House conference with U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack, unveiled proposed new rules that aim to shield students from junk-food advertising during the school day.

This week, we see how restorative justice works in one high school, read about the perennial issue of controversial mascots, and learn that the mean jokes in NFL locker rooms may resemble the bullying students deal with in school.

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