U.S. Supreme Court Considers Effects of Same-Sex Marriage on Children

The justices appeared sharply divided Tuesday over whether states must license same-sex marriages, with lengthy arguments often focusing on the effect of state policies on children.

Justice Sandra Day O'Connor Honored for Promoting Civics Education

The retired U.S. Supreme Court justice was lauded for founding iCivics, a program of online educational games to teach about government.

U.S. Supreme Court Declines Case on Race and Special Education

The justices declined to take a case involving allegations that a Pennsylvania district funneled a disproportionate number of African-American students into special education.

California State Appellate Court Upholds Public School Yoga Program

The district's use of yoga in its physical education classes does not impermissibly advance religion, despite yoga's roots in Hinduism, the state court rules.

Washington High Court Backs Disclosure of School Employees Being Investigated

Two school employees have no right of privacy against the disclosure that they are under investigation, Washington state's highest court has ruled.

30 Years Ago, U.S. Supreme Court Weighed Gay Rights in School Context

The justices in 1985 heard arguments about an Oklahoma law that barred speech by teachers "advocating, encouraging, or promoting" homosexuality.

High Court Denies Appeals on Student Speech, Church Services at Schools

The justices refused to take up a case involving students wearing American flag apparel and another on a church's right to use school buildings for weekend worship services.

Ohio Top Court Requires Disclosure of Replacement Teachers' Names After Strike

The Ohio Supreme Court upheld a public-records request by a teachers' union president for the names of replacement teachers who served during a strike.

U.S. Supreme Court Backs Worker in Pregnancy-Bias Case

In a case watched by educators, the justices made it easier for pregnant workers to press discrimination claims when they have been denied accommodations.

Case on Confederate-Flag License Plates Has Implications for Speech in Schools

The U.S. Supreme Court weighs whether Texas violates the rights of the Sons of Confederate Veterans by denying its request to be included in the state's specialty-license plate program.

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