Supreme Court Weighs Religious Accommodations in Employment

A case about a retail job applicant's Muslim head scarf could have implications for school districts and students.

Full 5th Circuit to Rehear Case on Student's Violent Off-Campus Rap Song

A full federal appeals court will rehear a case in which a panel ruled that a student's violent rap song critical of two coaches at his school was protected speech.

High School Teacher With Fear of Young Children Loses Disability-Bias Case

An Ohio teacher who suffers from "pedophobia" alleged disability-discrimination after her school district did not keep her at a high school.

N.J. Court Rejects Challenge to Pledge of Allegiance in Schools

A state judge turned away a challenge under New Jersey's constitution from a humanist family who objected to the words "under God" in the Pledge.

Appeals Court Orders New Trial in Case Alleging Sexually Hostile Classroom

A federal appeals court in Philadelphia revives a lawsuit alleging that a Pennsylvania high school history teacher, among other things, showed nude pictures of murder victims.

U.S. Supreme Court Case Highlights Housing-Education Links

The justices took up a case about lawsuits over racially discriminatory effects in housing, which has implications for education in two distinct ways.

U.S. Supreme Court to Weigh Right to Gay Marriage

The justices will decide whether states must recognize same-sex unions, a contentious issue that has had implications for schools, students, and families.

School District Not Liable in Student's ATV Death

A federal appeals court ruled in the case of a Texas high school student killed while assigned to work at a teacher's farm.

Appeals Court Upholds N.Y. School Vaccination Requirements

The court says that it is well-settled that requiring vaccinations to attend school is within the "police power" of the states.

Louisiana School Board Member's Bribery Conviction Upheld

A federal appeals court upheld the bribery conviction of a board member who had demanded money from a candidate for district superintendent.

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