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Roundup: Disability Guidance; Tucson Desegregation

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A couple of quick items for a Friday afternoon:

Disability Guidance: My colleague Christina Samuels has this story in Education Week about informal guidance from the U.S. Department of Education on when it is proper for schools to refer to a student's disability status on report cards and transcripts.

The simple answer is that it is OK under certain circumstances to note a student's disability status on a report card, but it usually isn't OK on a transcript.

The Education Department's office for civil rights issued this "dear colleague" letter, as well as this question-and-answer document.

Desegregation in Tucson: The latest issue of The Integration Report, published by the Civil Rights Project at UCLA, has a detailed discussion of the desegregation efforts in the Tucson, Ariz., school district.

The newsletter is also gathering information about transportation and desegregation, in part to see whether high fuel costs are having any effects on efforts to maintain racial diversity in the schools.

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The economic factor in desegregation will probably play an increasing role as both fuel prices and real estate prices begin to affect schools, buses, where people live, etc.

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