Supreme Court to Reconsider Key Precedent on Teachers' Union Fees

The justices agreed to decide whether to overrule a nearly 40-year-old precedent that authorizes teachers' unions to collect service fees from those who refuse to join.

U.S. Supreme Court to Take Up Race in College Admissions Once Again

The justices jumped back into the debate over affirmative action in higher education, granting review of a race-conscious admissions plan at the University of Texas at Austin.

In Case Watched by Educators, Supreme Court Backs Right to Same-Sex Marriage

In his majority opinion, Justice Anthony M. Kennedy said marriage "safeguards children and families and thus draws meaning from related rights of childrearing, procreation, and education."

Supreme Court Backs Affordable Care Act, Disparate-Impact Housing Claims

On two issues with implications for schools, health care and housing discrimination, the justices gave major victories to President Barack Obama's administration.

School, IQ Issues Central to Supreme Court Death-Penalty Ruling

The justices rule 5-4 that a Louisiana inmate deserves a chance to prove that he was intellectually disabled and thus ineligible for execution.

Justices Uphold Texas on Refusal to Allow Confederate Symbol on License Plates

In a First Amendment decision with potential implications for schools, the U.S. Supreme Court holds that specialty plates with messages by private groups represent government speech.

Supreme Court Backs Prosecution Use of Child's Statement to Teachers About Abuse

The justices rule unanimously that a child's statement to teachers about abuse at home may be introduced at trial without the testimony of the child.

Appeals Court Upholds District's Use of Religious School for Alternative Ed.

The court upholds a Tennessee school district's use of a private Christian school as its alternative education provider for students with disciplinary problems.

Judge Finds N.Y. Certification Exam Discriminatory

A federal district judge finds the new version of the Liberal Arts and Sciences Test used by New York City had a racially disparate impact.

Appeals Court Upholds End to Desegregation Order for N.C. District

The U.S. 4th Circuit court upholds unitary status for the Pitt County, N.C., district, over a community group's objections that student racial imbalance had increased in recent years.

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