The appeals court put the brakes on a predominantly white community's racially tinged efforts to secede from a larger school system.

Arguments before North Carolina's supreme court centered on whether lawmakers overstepped by giving more authority to the state's elected superintendent and taking it away from the state school board.

The order underscores that as immigration remains unresolved in Congress, the justices may step in to decide the fate of undocumented immigrants brought here as children.

The debate over travel restrictions has been followed closely in education, especially by colleges and universities where visiting students and faculty members have been affected.

In a case being watched by schools, the appeal seeks review of a federal district judge's injunction restoring the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.

An overruling of key precedents that prevent states from collecting sales tax on many out-of-state purchases could bring enormous new revenues to schools and states.

The Arizona district fears it may face exposure in tribal courts over employment decisions involving schools on land leased on Indian reservations.

A group of students challenged an Illinois district's policy of allowing a transgender student to use the restrooms and locker rooms corresponding to her gender identity.

A federal district judge has granted a preliminary injunction blocking a California school district's rules requiring students to stand during the National Anthem at sporting events.

At issue is whether the court will overrule its 1977 precedent authorizing teachers' unions to collect fees from those who refuse to join the union.

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