Brown was the oldest daughter of Oliver L. Brown, lead plaintiff in the Brown v. Board of Education case that struck down racial segregation in education.

An appellate panel agreed with a federal district court that an Indiana high school's show with several religious elements passed constitutional muster.

The justices decline to hear a case from a teacher who claims her dismissal stemmed from a clash over teaching about the "Central Park Five."

The 4th Circuit rules that students arrested under the law may seek to prove that it violates their free speech and due process rights.

The judge rules that a student's lawsuit may proceed against a Maryland district that barred him from the locker room that corresponds to his gender identity.

A lively argument about a Minnesota law that restricts political buttons and apparel at polling places included several school references.

The justices took up a case that casts a spotlight on conflicts during public comment periods such as those that have increasingly bedeviled school boards as well.

The question of upholding agency fees for non-members appeared to equally divide justices who have ruled on related cases, with Justice Neil M. Gorsuch remaining silent.

The appeals court put the brakes on a predominantly white community's racially tinged efforts to secede from a larger school system.

Arguments before North Carolina's supreme court centered on whether lawmakers overstepped by giving more authority to the state's elected superintendent and taking it away from the state school board.

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