The justices refuse to hear a case on the legal protections for teachers, school administrators and others required under state laws to report suspected child abuse.

Teachers' unions were on the defensive as conservative justices appeared open to overruling a key precedent that authorizes public-employee unions to collect fees from non-members.

A 6th Circuit panel says a teacher's alleged techniques involving gagging and restraints were inappropriate, but did not rise to the level of constitutional violations.

Comments by Justice Antonin Scalia on race in the U.S. Supreme Court this week drew growing criticism and sparked a closer look at the theories he referenced.

The justices were divided as they once again took up a race-conscious admissions plan at the University of Texas at Austin.

The justices consider a case about the meaning of "one person, one vote," with consequences for elected school boards and the representation of children.

The justices decline to hear an appeal from parents in the Shawnee Mission school district challenging spending limits in the state school finance plan.

The U.S. Supreme Court justice will help promote iCivics, the education effort featuring games and lesson plans launched in 2009 by retired Justice Sandra Day O'Connor.

The justices consider employee claims of "constructive discharge" and when the clock starts ticking on the timetable for filing a complaint.

A Florida district removed a math tutor's banners from its campuses after it learned that the tutor had ties to the porn industry.

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